Graffiti Security Film


Provides an invisible coat of protection for glass and other surfaces

“Easy off” – peel and replace

Replacing film is a fraction of the cost of glass replacement

Increases safety

Reduces fading

Touch scratch resistant hardcoat

Unfortunately, vandalism is a part of our everyday life.

Replacing film that has been spray painted or etched is easy and a fraction of the cost of replacing damaged glass. The film’s ultra thick construction actually protects glass and metal surfaces from keying and etching vandals.


Graffiti security tint can be utilized in a variety of business establishments such as department stores, schools and malls. It also can be applied to store display cases, bus shelters, subways, trains, bathroom mirrors, stall walls and elevator doors. No matter what the location or application, graffiti security tint provides an effective barrier against costly glass and surface damage.


Take control – don’t let vandalism affect your life, home or business, protect your property with graffiti security tint.

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